Comet – Assignment

Comet –
mighty, blazing –
cuts the sky, such beauty
falls freely into my orbit.





her eyes wide open, skeptic.

Ultimate adieu,

narcissistic lover.”

Dormant heart

exhales now a cry for vultures

reeks of loss, no more glamour.

Stormy sky hazes over fate,

Thunder crackles, deranged.

Running uphill, she is a shield maiden,

Unlike you,

caustic myth,

knightly corroded at the spot.

Hollow Pit

The eerie silence that deafens me

the chilly wind of the desert street,

grip my soul in unexplainable fear

I wonder why – there’s nothing here.


I throw a pebble in a pit,

the haunting echo makes me sick,

I see someone in the deep

I try to help her – and get pulled in.

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The Birth of a Warrior

She roams, lost in the streets

a hollow casket of who she used to be.

How is it acceptable, robbing girls of their virtue?

Stripping them of their dignity,

regardless of their choices and decisions.

They just take it,

taste it,

bruise it.

Claiming lands that aren’t theirs,

ripping their clothes, leaving them bare. Continue reading “The Birth of a Warrior”